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“Sound is frequency and vibration.
Everything physical has a resonance that also resonates with the sounds around us. Therefore, the sounds we listen to has an impact on our mind, soul, and body.”


Sound healing is an ancient meditative and therapeutic practice that uses voice or musical instruments (Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, etc) to create healing vibrations to relax the mind and body.


Imagine having a sonic massage - During a sound bath, you will lie down on a mat and be bathed in sound waves, which helps you relax, bringing you into a journey/dreaming, or deep sleep state. 
Sound is a bridge to other realms. Certain sounds can transport us around the planet, forests and oceans, mountain tops, and even outer space. The art and therapeutic application of sound, music, frequency, and vibration is a natural way to bring back balance by stimulating the body’s healing mechanism.

In the modern world, people are becoming conscious of what they eat, but may not pay attention to what they take in sonically.

If you are consuming daily vitamins to boost your immune system, then 'sonic vitamins' works on a deeper level, emotionally and mentally.


Here are some example of sonic vitamins:

Singing Bowls, Breathing - Vitamin B

Drumming - Vitamin D

Flutes, Tuning Forks - Vitamin F

Voice, Humming, Mantras - Vitamin M and V

Affirmations - Vitamin A


“What if every word, thought, or sound you encounter in your daily life is as important and powerful as the food you eat? If we are what we eat, we are also what we hear.”Is​ your sonic diet nourishing or toxic?

Before medicine, the body innately knew how to heal itself, and we are born with that ability. In the field of quantum physics, everything is energy and vibration. We are so much more than the physical body.

Have you ever felt a shift in your emotion when you hear a particular tune or sound?

There’s a saying “music heals the soul”.

Sound + Intention = Healing

How Does Sound Heals?

The intended use of resonance and vibrations allow the body to relax. While your body absorb the sonic vitamins in a resting position, it innately knows how to heal itself.

Benefits of a sound bath/sound therapy:

  • Promotes deep relaxation and better sleep

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Connect you to your own inner healer, raising vibrations and allowing a deeper connection to your body

  • Allows you to be present in every moment

  • Restores flow of energy

  • Heightens clarity and intuition

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“The future of medicine will be music and sound”