The Koshi chime is handmade in a workshop at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, each chime is the result of meticulous craftsmanship.


Eight chords are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonance tube. Precise tuning creates a play of clear tones that is rich in overtones. The overtones of the shorter chords gradually dominate and become fundamentals, thus forming a circular tone range.


Move the chime gently, holding it by its cord: the crystalline relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. If you hang it up by the window, it will play with the wind and carry you away in an unexpected melody.


Comes in 4 tunings:

Earth - G C E F G C E G

Water - A D F G A D F A

Air - C E A B C E B

Fire - G B D G B D G A


For Singapore customers: order will take approx 2 weeks to arrive.

Koshi Chime