Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Soul Happy People was founded in 2019, with the intention to inspire adults to rediscover happiness through laughter, arts, and play. We organised a 

   2-Day Happiness Festival in Singapore, hosted Happiness workshops, and even planned for Play Festival 2020. But, covid came, and it was cancelled.

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The Mission

We took a break and now we are back with new inspirations and offerings. Relaunching the brand with a new look.
Our mission now is to inspire through sound medicine, arts, and nature connection. Reaching out to people around the world, especially women seeking inner peace, clarity, connection, and authentic happiness.
We want to build a safe space for you to share and connect. Like the 'tree of love', connecting one another from the roots, we send love, raise each other and heal together.

Just like our name, we hope to see more and more Soul Happy People becoming a better version of themselves.

Let's spread happiness, kindness, and raise vibrations around you.
It's a ripple effect. What goes out will come back, sometimes in surprising ways.


Meet Our Founder


I am a freedom seeker, experiencing life by doing. I don’t follow the traditional path and often create something new from what I learn. I call myself a collector of experiences, with a particular curiosity and love for learning.

As an artist of life, I consciously paint my life with colours, and friends often see me as the creative one. I am slowly discovering my gifts and sharing them with the world. There’s this famous quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away”. I totally resonate with that.

Sometime in 2017, I felt very lost; I felt like I had fallen into a deep black hole…and that’s when I went on a self-discovery journey. I took self-development courses, read a lot of books and watch many videos, trying to seek answers. I wanted to know my purpose and reason on earth. As I explored and experimented, I found journaling, meditation, and gratitude practice helps me see things from new perspective. 

Looking back, from childhood to adulthood, to becoming a wife and a mother, I had been through many challenges and struggles. Sometimes things just happen, and we have to go through it. It is not easy, and I’ve learnt that nothing is permanent; the storm will pass, and the sun will shine again. Happiness is a practice and taking time to do what you love; to enjoy doing things alone and be your authentic self, allows you to discover more about yourself.

I started learning about sound healing in late 2019 with just a Tibetan singing bowl. My collection now has expanded.

I enjoy creating and playing with my musical instruments, from piano to native American flutes and drums.
After 2 years of playing and exploration, now my goal is to guide people to relaxation and self-awareness through music, arts, and nature connection.

If you ask me, have I found answers? I guess it is slowly unfolding, and I can now define myself better.

As a multipotentialite, I don’t stay put at one place for long, but I am clear that I want to use my gifts to serve.

Creating from a space of love, it can only be good.

Thank you for dropping by and reading my story, I hope to meet you some day :)

With love & light,
Adelynn Shan Lee